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ZigZapps focuses on rapid design and development for web, mobile apps and desktop applications mainly targets small businesses or individuals.

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We're very small and new in market but we are highly motivated and focused. We'll make sure that you'll get what you need. We're mainly focused on building high-end custom websites, android and desktop applications (for windows). As well as we manage SEO and marketing to help businesses to grow and achieve their goals. We'll deliver great amount of quality traffic to your website and help you convert visitors into actual customers.

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Creative Websites

Our responsive websites will speak for themselves, we always try to match your best expectations.

Innovative Android Apps

We always target the latest awesomeness that comes with Android framework to meet your needs, your application will always use the latest of what Google offers in its platform.

Classic Desktop Apps

Do you need a desktop application for your business? we've got that covered as well.


Automation is great in this fast paced world, you don't wanna do the same work everyday especially when it comes to software. We can write something can eliminate that for you.

SEO Optimizations And Marketing

We follow the best practices to get the best our of search engines and ad campaigns

Latest Technologies

We always target the latest and the greatest technologies in our projects.

Clients First

Our Clients requests and needs are always prioritized and taken care of no matter what, we value you.

Made with Love

You have to make your websites and apps with love these days, adding to that the creative formula!

Low Rates

We have very reasonable rates even if you have low budget, there's always a way to do things.

Quality Work

Our main goal is to deliver a quality work, rather than quantity. We focus on your needs.


Our small team is very agile. We provide quick and rapid releases for our products (or clients).


Currently we support English and Arabic possibly other languages in the future.

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Please don't hesitate to contact us or ask any question, we're more than happy to answer any of your queries or even give you a fast quote regarding our services.

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